Level 80 Karma Armor Set Vendors

As far as I know there are 4 level 80 Karma armor set vendors all of which sell complete sets of armor. All the sets look the same. There are 6 pieces and each piece cost 42,000 karma. Please be aware that each set has its own stats. It is a good idea to visit each karma vendor to determine which set to purchase based on the stats you want.

2 Karma vendors are located in Cursed Shore (level 80 zone)
> Temple of Melandru: Cathedral of Verdance which is the Verdance Waypoint
> The Narthex which is the Arah Waypoint by the Arah dungeon

1 Karma vendor is located in Malchor's Leap (level 75-80 zone)
> Temple of Lyssa: Cathedral of Eternal Radiance which is the Lyssa Waypoint

1 Karma vendor is located in Straits of Devastation (level 70-75 zone)
> Temple of Balthazar: Cathedral of Glorious Victory which is the Glorious Victory Waypoint

Each of the areas the vendors are located at are contested half the time. There is either a boss there or a series of events must occur in order to make that area no longer contested. The vendors are not available when the area is contested.

All of the Temples (Melandru, Lyssa and Balthazar) have a blue icon in the shape of a house on the map. When the area is contested 2 swords will form a X through the temple icon and through the waypoint icon.

Thanks and enjoy the game!